Astrology Pattern - Cardinal Grand Cross

Planets Expect a power punch of some magnitude to occur as the Moon in Gemini/Cancer moves into the 4th point of a Grand Cross on August 6/7. The Moon will be out of bounds during this transit adding in levels of intensity, fear and insecurity. One of the reasons for the intensity will be the declinations of the majority of the other planets in play. Not only will the Moon's out of bounds declination play an important role, but so will the planets that are transiting near the zero declination; the equator. To read a beginner's guide about Out of Bounds and Declinations, visit the "Astrology" section of Lunar Living.

As we all know, when the Sun transits over the zero point of declination (the equator), that is a change of season known as the equinox. These occur when the Sun first enters the signs of Aries and Libra. On the other hand, the maximum point of declination, also known as the maximum point of tropic is when the Sun has moved to it's farthest degree of declination and begins to move back towards the equator. These are the dates of solstice when the Sun moves into the signs of Cancer and Capricorn (hence the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn). Most of the planets can exceed these tropics on occasion and when they do, it is referenced as transiting "out of bounds" (OOB).

The zero degree of declination is significant because it represents a shift of energy from Self to Collective, depending on which sign (Aries or Libra) is receiving the planets. There are three planets near the zero degrees of "Collective" Libra. There are two planets near the zero degrees of "Self" Aries. They are opposing each other forming six oppositions that are expecting us to balance our sense of Self along with our sense of "Collective." Depending on how well we are able to do that will help us navigate through this transit.

The Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn also have a vulnerable and critical degree known as the Aries Point; the zero degree of the sign. These areas in the zodiac are also considered to be karmic points. Planets moving through this area take on the intensity of the sign and radiate that back out to us with important messages, particularly if there are other planets near by or aspecting into that transit.

The Moon's transit from Gemini into Cancer becomes a trigger point in this Grand Cross. The T-square between Jupiter/Uranus in Aries, Venus/Mars/Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn has been building and morphing as each planet moves into a tighter formation. And a note of caution is that we may experience something similar around September 3 as the Moon triggers this T-square one more time.

Okay, so you've been reading the whys of the significance of this Grand Cross, and by now you are starting to wonder if you will ever discover an explanation of the potential outcome. That point in this article has just arrived.

There are ten squares in this Grand Cross. That alone is massive and rare. Add in the fact that there are seven oppositions. Only one opposition from Cancer to Capricorn with six between Aries and Libra. (Note, I'm including Venus in the Libra collective since it is transitioning into Libra on this day and Libra is ruled by Venus.)

Let's start with the Moon. The Moon represents our emotions, our memories of family and childhood. It is also our intuitive side that helps guide us through life. When we become overwhelmed with our intuition or emotions, we may try to hide from it with drugs or alcohol. Once we lose it through excessive substance usage, it is very difficult to get it completely back or restore it to it's original state. The Moon rules over Cancer, adding to the sensitive feelings that we will be navigating through with this Grand Cross. The Moon's opposition to Pluto in Capricorn becomes a wrestling match between security and authority. There is the potential for family fights and extreme domestic squabbles each time the Moon opposes Pluto. Of course, this occurs at least once a month. But, we have not had to also deal with all the squares to the other planets as the same time.

The Moon is square to Jupiter retrograde and Uranus retrograde in Aries. We (or others around us) are likely to be emotionally explosive or excessively out of control in some way. It does not always equal aggression. Sometimes it can be a time of extremes, such as too much spending, or too much food. There is the potential for rage, but there is just as much potential for thrill seeking or gambling.

The Moon is also square to Venus, Mars and Saturn in Libra. This aspect can bring out the feelings of rage, guilt, frustration or feelings of sadness. Remember, the Moon forms a square to each of these planets at least once each month, but we usually don't have to deal with them all at the same time. That is where the volatility rises from. It's like cramming several hundred people onto a massive dance floor in a high-rise hotel then having the fire alarms go off.... The confusion and hysteria takes over.

Now we can blend in the opposition of Venus, Mars and Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus as they are square to Pluto. Venus in Libra truly wants a sense of harmony and perfect design. However, with Saturn and Mars already meeting up in Libra, it can sweep Venus off to the side with brute force. Saturn's transit through Libra can power house it's way to equity and fair play mixed with obligations and responsibility. We are likely to see some significant house cleaning in the areas of partnerships and corporations while Saturn transits Libra. Mars is only here for a quick trip, but has a different idea of fairness and equality. Mars' transit through Libra tends to be a lot more self-absorbed looking for ways to perpetuate a different style and agenda. Together, these energies are not likely to be a collective group of happy campers, particularly while Pluto's retrograde square is adding a strong undercurrent of power and control. With Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, opposing the Libra gang, and while they are both somewhat subdued by their retrograde motion, they are still strong contenders. Jupiter's moving back over territory that may have been fun the first time, but this time, there's a sense of reflection and worry about having to regroup and fix any damage that was done earlier. Uranus, regardless of direction, still carries a lot of pop and excitement. The potential for accidents are also heightened when ever any planet forms an aspect with Uranus, whether it is because we are rushing forward in an effort to get ahead, or because we have our head on backwards thoroughly lost reflection of our previous behaviors.

Over all, there is the potential for a lot of excitement. We may feel compelled to react quickly without having time to consider the consequences of our actions. Despite the significant Cardinal sign influence, and despite the fact that we may feel as though we are the commander of our ship, we will have to contend with others who also feel as though they are equally important and in control. The energies could be intense, overwhelming and potentially explosive. Taking the time now to get important matters in order is our best defense. Being aware of our surroundings is also a good strategy. If we are in areas that we are not familiar with, take a little extra time to look for emergency exits and outlets. Even if nothing does happen, it can't hurt to be prepared.
[J McCaul]