Solar & Lunar Eclipse Influences on Natal Planets

The Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses have a tendency to bring a shift of power to our lives, particularly when the eclipse forms a tight conjunction to an important placement within our chart. We know that we will feel the influence the most when we note an orb of 5 degrees or less between the Eclipse transit to our natal planet. Planets in our progressed charts or solar return charts could also feel the energy, however it may not be quite as strong as the natal connection.

Below, I have listed some of the likely expressions or outcomes of the Eclipse transit while forming a solid conjunction to a planet in a personal chart.

Solar Eclipse (Sun) Conjunction Natal, Progressed or Solar Return Planet Lunar Eclipse (Moon)
The individual is likely to be focused on self endeavors to the point of missing other events going on around him/her. There is an increased chance of accidents due to the individual being (for lack of a better term) lost in thought.
This occurs near the individual's "half-birthday." There is more focus on interactions with others with less focus on the self. However, emotions become an important piece of the interactions to the point of expressing emotions in an unfamiliar manner.
Woman seemingly become more important to the individual. Also, situations involving family, home and childhood memories are the focus. Finding healthy emotional outlets are important.
This marks a Lunar Return (of which we have 13 per year). Lunar returns involving a Lunar eclipse pack a wallop. Look for the house placement for added details. Overall, there is a need for nurturing on many levels.
Focuses on situations involving common-sense and basic learning process. Be open to personal improvements and differing ideas.
Learning something that involves partnership or team work. Friendships or co-workers lead the way to new discoveries at a personal and community level.
Love and money tend to be the main focus. Look to the house placement for more insight. Learning from mistakes will be the main goal.
The emotional connection to happiness within the relationship and close friendships will be revealed. Discovering the value of bonding for healthier emotions and interconnectedness.
Explore physical activities for self-improvement. Can also involve being a leader. Watch out for impulsive reactions spoiling any chance for success. Burn-out can also be a problem.
This aspect helps with clean-up, clean-out and fix-up. Out with the old and in with the new. Watch out for health issues involving the heart, head or other health issues.
Encourages the completion of higher education programs, apprenticeship, learning through travel and exploring other cultures. A change in philosophy is likely to be the result of this connection.
This connection also changes philosophy, but less at a personal level and more at an interpersonal level. Teaching, expanded living space, or working with large animals may become an important focus for this individual.
There is a stronger likelihood of a career change or societal change with this conjunction. There may be an expectation of the individual taking on more personal responsibility than he/she has had in the past.
This conjunction may indicate a loss of someone close, or distance coming between the individual and an important person in his/her life. This could also indicate a period of relinquishing personal control in favor others who have power or authority.
This aspect tends to produce a hard edge with a healing result. Coming to terms with the past has bittersweet results.
The healing of past memories arrives through the love and acceptance of another. There is usually win-win from these interactions, but not always.
This aspect may involve personal upheaval, accidents and unpredictable situations. Loss does not necessarily indicate less; perhaps change will be for the better, overall.
This could indicate a loss as the result of another. It may also result in a sense of freedom from a difficult situation or a sudden change of perspective at home.
A hidden talent could surface with this connection. Individuals needing help with alcohol or chemical substance misuse could find the courage, support and strength to release the addictions.
This aspect gives the individual the emotional courage to help another in need of serious assistance. This can also bring new-found love through an old friendship or support for a talent that has been unrecognized in the past.
Some say it will be regenerative while others claim it will be de-generative. Think in terms of control – loss or gain; it's for the good of the individual. A shift in sexual habits, desires or traits may surface at this time.
Similar to the Solar Eclipse, power and control are the main themes. The difference is that there will definitely be another individual involved in the outcome of the situation.