Jupiter's Transit in Aries in 2010 & 2011

Earth and Jupiter
Jupiter's initial transition into Aries is likely to create some splashy headlines, particularly while it is conjunct with Uranus in Aries during the months of June and July, 2010. Aries energies are always forceful and forward moving. Patience is not on the menu when any planet is transiting in Aries. Boundaries and barriers are merely challenges to overcome and fear is not an option. Aries concepts while mixed with Jupiter's domain of such themes as higher education, religious philosophies and cultural shifting travel are likely to be in the spotlight. Conflicts because of personal ideas or beliefs are likely to escalate. But so are inventions, changes of concepts and the economy. New rules are in the works. Unfortunately, these rules are likely to cause more headaches than resolutions during the year as we will all sense that head banging and head butting as the main recourse to the age old problem of discord. This is the nature of breaking down the old, outdated processes while the new ideas settle into a changed norm.

Jupiter will transit only a few degrees into Aries before stationing retrograde on July 23. Jupiter will then retrograde back into Pisces on September 8/9 and transit in Pisces for the remainder of the calendar year.

The brief taste of Jupiter in Aries will certainly give us an awakening to what the rest of the transit will be like when Jupiter returns to Aries in January, 2011. Refer back to the Jupiter in Pisces transit report for additional information.

Jupiter's transit through Aries will be shorter than usual possibly due to the unusual transition from Pisces. Jupiter typically transits approximately twelve months in each sign. However, this time, Jupiter will spend about nine months in Pisces then an accumulative seven months in Aries before moving into Taurus in June, 2011.

Jupiter's transit is perceived as one of reward, growth and extending our potentials. Typically there are opportunities that help us to move forward relative to the sign that Jupiter transits and the sector (of our natal chart). In this case, Jupiter's transit through Aries is in the cardinal fire sign. We feel more determined, more involved (invested) in our expansion, and our esteem feels significantly more confident. For those individuals who are already quite confident, this transit might appear to be a dream come true. Yet, it is important to remember a few rules. Jupiter's expansion can lead to arrogance and over reaction along with attempts to manipulate situations to one's advantage.

The Jupiter in Aries transit can feel quite encouraging as we excel to create our own little niche in the world. For the person who already has an Aries Jupiter in his/her chart, there may be some added pressure to step into a leadership role. The already natural confidence is amplified to the next level. Of course, there are less than pleasant situations with Jupiter's transit through Aries. We are more likely to feel bullied by individuals who have become headstrong with feelings of over self-confidence. Or, we may step into the bully role unwittingly. The one important feature of Jupiter in Aries if the fact that each of us has the capacity to take a stand and counteract the brutish aggression.

Overall, Jupiter's influence while transiting Aries is self-confidence, independence, a sense of freedom and the ability to take a stand. We can reach out to touch that star and almost feel the warmth radiating back.

Below are some tips for making the best use of Jupiter's transit through your natal chart. If you don't know your natal chart, then substitute the phrase "on the Ascendant" with "as your Sun Sign."

If you have Aries on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 1st house/sector of your chart. You are likely to feel an urge to step up to duties and responsibilities that you might have previously avoided. This is the nature of Jupiter in this sector. You tend to feel more empowered and have a desire to improve your appearance. But don't over do it with feelings of self-importance to the point of developing an inflated sense of worth or entitlement. You are also more likely to gain some weight as there tends to be a desire to indulge/reward yourself with your favorite foods. Your desire to improve yourself can become a great opportunity to pay it forward through leadership and education. You may discover a whole new you in the process.

If you have Taurus on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 12th house/sector of your chart. This transit may not be as forceful on you as it will be for others. You might become somewhat sensitive to the actions of others, yet it also heightens your awareness to your benefit. Let go of the past and work on changing bad habits before starting into the next round of Jupiter in your 1st sector. There will be moments of peace and introspection. You can build on these moments through meditation. You may find yourself drawn to institutions such as hospitals, care facilities and organizations involved with retreats for spiritual or self awareness. You are also likely to be drawn toward activities involved with compassion and comfort. You may find solace for yourself through therapeutic art and music.

If you have Gemini on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 11th house/sector of your chart. Take this time to expand your social connections and awareness. Not everyone will be open to your ideas nor too accepting of your experiences, however, you have the ability to build a strong social network for yourself by keeping an open mind to the needs of others. This is an excellent time to explore opportunities and membership in organizations you support or which support your ideas and ways of thinking. If you are already in an organization of this type, you may be expected to step into a leadership role. Be careful to assess your time wisely so that you don't end up burnt out or disappointing others who are counting on your skills.

If you have Cancer on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 10th house/sector of your chart. Your career may take off, but where it goes is truly up to you. You won't receive anything that you didn't earned. The honors that you might receive are likely to be bestowed on you in a public setting so be prepared to thank those who helped you along the way. This is also an excellent time to learn business and political strategies. Try not to boast about your talents or abilities as this will come across as arrogance. If your superiors have shown you loyalty through the years, remember to reciprocate, particularly if you find a better position with a competing company. Loyalty does not equate to refusing to move on; it involves using best business ethics while moving into the new role. This may also be a time of sharing some of your skills/knowledge with underlings so that you can leave a productive legacy.

If you have Leo on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 9th house/sector of your chart. This will be a time of learning. This broadens your social and business opportunities. You may also be drawn to different cultures or religious experiences in search of spiritual awareness. Use caution if you sense that someone or a group of individuals are trying to persuade you to believe concepts that are causing you to feel uncomfortable or causing you to give up everything that you hold near and dear in your life. Some philosophies are so extreme that they are dangerous to our physical and emotional well-being. This truly is a time of research, but we don't always have to become totally immersed before learning what we need to know. Being tolerant of another's point of view is beneficial, but be wary of viewpoints that are too narrow minded in scope.

If you have Virgo on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 8th house/sector of your chart. This sector of the chart can feel quite uncomfortable or extremely liberating, depending upon one's perspective. This sector of the chart feel like a bit of a mixed bag of themes. You are likely to notice a shift of influences involving trust, motives, psychology, sexual desires, dependence upon others, inheritance, shared finances, taxable funds, insurance and ethical well-being. Transits through this sector can bring up a variety of conundrums and pull out those proverbial skeletons from the closets. Finding ways to take the high road, paying off the debts owed to others, while learning who to trust and who to avoid will bring greater dividends, in the end.

If you have Libra on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 7th house/sector of your chart. Most of us feel that love will be in the air with Jupiter transits in the 7th. On the other hand, if there are troubled waters within a relationship, Jupiter has the potential of shaking up the troubles even more. This period can bring increased business via values with general kindness, diplomacy and good fortune. Note the word "can," as this transit could also bring up shaky business dealings, shady financial agreements and con artists. The key to navigating Jupiter's transit through this area of the chart is to stay balanced, aware and up to date on situations. This can be a great time to share adventures with friends, promote business relations, clean up legal matters and become more public when dealing with others. Avoid conflicts of interests, particularly when dealing with business associates or personal partners. Knowing when to speak one's mind and when to defer to the professionals becomes your best asset.

If you have Scorpio on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 6th house/sector of your chart. The two most important themes of the 6th sector is your physical well-being and your working environment. If your health is already at issue, now is the time to take care of it. A physical exam to ensure that something isn't lurking just under the surface is always a good idea when Jupiter visits this area of the chart. You are more likely to be noticed at work. If you have been a bit lax or sloughing off more than usual, now is the time to correct that and keep up the good appearances for (at least) the next year to reduce your chances of getting demoted or fired. If, on the other hand, you have been diligent and devoted, then that behavior will be noticed, hopefully with a reward or two. If you have been without a job due to the economy, your chances of finding a job significantly increases at this time. This could also be the year that you do a physical make-over, lose some spare weight, exercise more and eat healthier.

If you have Sagittarius on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 5th house/sector of your chart. Jupiter's transit in this sector can increase your desire to take risks. It can also increase a person's chances of pregnancy (more so when transiting direct motion). While some believe that Jupiter in the 5th causes a person to be more fertile, there is also the chance that individuals are considerably less cautious at this time. The desire for social activities increases, spending more time with the children, romantic endeavors feel more important and expressing your creative side. There's a downside to this transit, and that is the potential of losing everything one owns to risky ventures, such as gambling, or taking out a large loan in the hopes of making a big break.

If you have Capricorn on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 4th house/sector of your chart. Your home and family life could consume you during Jupiter's transit to this sector. You are more likely to want to buy new real estate, or a bigger home in the desire to improve your living environment. While this is the nature of the transit, and it does not seem all that crazed, the important factor to consider is the actual dollar figure it will cost. You are more inclined to under estimate the amount of time and money it will take to "move up and improve" your living space. This can also be a period of time when you invest more of your time in ancestral events or organizations in your effort to more about your past.

If you have Aquarius on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 3rd house/sector of your chart. This is likely to be a period of improving your communication skills, learning a new language or building upon your basic education/skills. Needing to travel more around the community is a strong possibility as well as spending more time with siblings and cousins. Neighbors may need your support for one reason or another. Remember to balance your needs with the needs of others so that you don't end up losing yourself in the process. However, you are just as likely to gain from the exchange if you have already developed your personal boundaries. Be willing to explore your educational, cultural and personal philosophies in the effort to gain more insight about yourself.

If you have Pisces on the Ascendant, Jupiter's transit in Aries will be in the 2nd house/sector of your chart. This is not the time to start spending money in excess, however, you are more likely to experience an improved financial situation. You may find that you are better at finding great bargains for your home and your wardrobe. Keep in mind that spending money on unnecessary items is not a real bargain. This could be the best time ever to ask for a raise, or to find other financial resources through a better job or fun activity that generates added income. This is also a time of letting go of items that are no longer needed. This is not the best time for you to take out any loans. Instead find other resources for helping develop financial security.

[J McCaul]