Jupiter's Transit in Pisces 2010

Earth and Jupiter
Over the next two years, Jupiter will throw a curve ball at its traditional one-year per sign visitation. It will spend nine months and one week in the sign of Pisces, simultaneously spending seven months and three weeks in Aries. Just about the time we are settling into the Jupiter in Pisces transit, Jupiter will move into Aries in June. As a result of this overlapping and unusual transit, Jupiter will only spend about 500 collectively in both signs as opposed to its usual 360 days per sign (720 days in two signs). The retrograde this summer/fall will be split between the two signs, as well. Pisces will experience 72 days of Jupiter's retrograde while Aries will experience 48 days. All in all, this will have an unsettling impact on us this year and next.
Jupiter in Pisces Direct transit = 1/17/2010 - 6/6/2010 & 11/18/2010 - 1/22/2011.
Jupiter in Pisces Retrograde transit = 9/9/2010 - 11/18/2010.

Jupiter's influence is basically perceived as expansive, jolly (like Santa Claus), and all too often, over the top. No matter what house or sign Jupiter is in, we are sure to have oodles of extra *umph* in that particular sign's traits. But, there is a light side and a dark side to Jupiter's transit. Delivered right along side all the luck and fortune can be the same amount of affliction and misdirection. For each and every reward that we gain from Jupiter's transit, we could also lose. Without ever giving us a clue that when we take advantage of Jupiter's gift, we eventually learn that we must also relinquish an important facet of our life. Bargaining with Jupiter is never easy, since Jupiter seemingly knows ALL the tricks.

Jupiter in Pisces is strong with emotional power and understanding. Those born with Jupiter in Pisces tend to have the advantage when working in fields involving healing. Jupiter also expands on traits involving imagination, wisdom, and humanity. Some individuals with Jupiter in Pisces stand out for their intuitive abilities in religious settings, but this trait can also be advantageous in politics, health (humans and large animals), social or non-profit organizations.

While Jupiter transits in the mutable, water sign of Pisces, we find that our outlook changes. We are more adaptable and even malleable. If we were extremely rigid in the past, we feel more open to ideas and philosophies. We want to believe in a God, or a ruler of some type over our universe. We find it easier to believe that we are all in this together for the greater good. We aspire to change situations in order to bring some sense of purpose into our lives. We are not looking for opportunities of make a profit; we are looking for opportunities to feel better about ourselves based on our actions and beliefs.

As we ponder, we may comes to terms with where we have been and explore options of where to go now. This could manifest in a variety of ways based on our individual traits and talents. We might simply decide to start taking better care of our health; we might feel a sense of social obligation to help others help themselves; or we might decide to help Mother Earth out by becoming more environmentally conscious. These are merely examples. Each of us will need to explore for ourselves.

We find it easier to reflect as well as meditate while Jupiter is in Pisces. Introspection is likely to be a popular perspective. Artistic talents such as music, acting, painting and creative opulence are more noticeable for the experience that it brings to our senses. Yet we may be challenged at times to connect the dots of inspiration.

A word of caution with Jupiter's transit through Pisces is to stay alert to empathy overload. Yes, we can be more understanding and compassionate, but we can also become entirely drained to the point of physical exhaustion by the demands and expectations of others. We are also prone to feeling a need to hide out while Jupiter moves through Pisces. We just want to be left alone to figure out what has been going on around us. It is appropriate to find a quiet place from time to time, but to the point of becoming a hermit is simply not emotionally healthy. The language of Pisces does stress the importance of health. Too much of a substance, an overload of emotion or any one activity can be detrimental. The planet of "too much" could send us into a state of overload.

The best way to benefit from Jupiter in Pisces is to find a variety of outlets and balanced activities each and every day. We need to actively direct our sensitivities in a healthy way. Those voices inside our heads telling us to hide or give up, simply need to be ignored. The gifts of Jupiter will arrive in waves of wisdom. Our ability to utilize the moments of calm will help to inspire added insight.

[J McCaul]