Venus retrogrades in Gemini

May 15 - June 27, 2012

Venus Although the Gemini energies tend to cause an unfocused energy when Venus transits this sign, it will shift as the retrograde motion of Venus beings on May 15. There tends to be an intensity that manifests during the Venus retrograde in Gemini. However, the minute that the spark or passion of the event, activity or compansion has waned, the desire is no longer there and we may look for "greener" pasture, to ignite the desires once again. We may feel a need to break the connections. All types of partnerships, be it business or interpersonal, could breakdown under the pressures of fluctuating finances. Disputes over properties of an intellectual nature are also likely to erupt.   [ ...more ]


Jupiter Transits Taurus 2011/2012

Taurus Jupiter's Transit has moved into Taurus and our perspective has certainly changed about what is and what is not important now. Taurus values security, above all else, and Jupiter will expand on those desires.    [ ...more ]


Grand Cross of Cardinal in 2010

Zodiac Expect a power punch of some magnitude to occur as the Moon in Gemini/Cancer moves into the 4th point of a Grand Cross in August, 2010. The Moon will be out of bounds during these transits adding in levels of intensity, fear and insecurity.    [ ...more ]


Jupiter's Transit in Aries 2010 & 2011

Sun and Moon As it was mentioned before, something strange is brewing with the Jupiter transit this year and next. The overall transit through Aries will only last about seven months. It is almost like we are being robbed of our usual twelve months of Jupiter in Aries fare. Not sure what to blame it on, but let's jump in to the experience.    [ ...more ]


Mars Retrograde Effect

Mars For many of us, each time Mars moves into a retrograde motion (approximately once every 25 months) we feel deeply frustrated that our activities (military, sports, leadership, exercise and general zest for life) seem to be put on hold.

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Jupiter's Transit in Pisces 2010

Sun and Moon Over the next two years, Jupiter will throw a curve ball at its traditional one-year per sign visitation. It will spend nine months and one week in the sign of Pisces simultaneously spending seven months and three weeks in Aries.    [ ...more ]


Eclipse to Natal Planet Influences

Sun and Moon The Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses have a tendency to bring a shift of power to our lives, particularly when the eclipse forms a tight conjunction to an important placement within our chart.

[ ...more ]


Let's Begin with Easy Astrology

Earth and Moon There are always so many different places to start when it comes to learning Astrology. There are also many different flavors of Astrology. I'll be focusing on the more traditional Western style of Astrology using the Tropical Placidus calculations. Right off the bat, I've introduced a phrase that you probably have never heard of.

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Welcome to My Website

StarSpangles J Astrology is a learning website designed to explain westernized astrology in conjunction with Lunar Living Astrology. My hope is to provide you with articles for beginning to advanced levels.

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Enjoy! :)


Additional Updates and Information Section

For now, I am in the beginning stages of the new website. Most of the links/menu do not redirect anywhere. The basic webdesign initially will be in the basic Blog/Journal format, allowing for easy addition of articles and information. Gradually, some articles and pieces from Lunar Living Astrology will be brought/moved over here. I hope to have a learning board "ChartRoom" set up where lessons can be discussed and explained. I want to start small and grow into the best astrology learning website possible. In the meantime, you can always find me at Lunar Living Astrology. [J McCaul]